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Mapping new paths for the way we work

By July 24, 2021September 2nd, 2022No Comments

Podcast for explorers blazing new trails for the way we work

By James Allen

Orgonomics is an organisation strategy and leadership development consultancy Joan established in 2008 to help leaders and organisations develop, perform and transform. In this episode we speak with Joan Lurie, founder and CEO of Orgonomics, about how the systems lens can fundamentally shift the way we think about organisational change.

Here she discusses such things as how organisations are complex systems, why individual behavioural/psychological and technical analysis of organisations can’t fully explain organisational dynamics, what the systems lens is, and why it matters. How the systems lens can relieve leaders of having to play the change agent hero or fixer, and why “breaking down silos” doesn’t work, and how the systems lens can enable better collaboration across boundaries.change we need to change our own mental maps and the way we frame our roles.