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Organisational Change

Traditional business models are no longer suited to the current disrupted context. The ways we have being going about our business are no longer viable. New operating models and ways of functioning are imperative and evolving, but many organisations are stuck and don’t know how to move out of their current forms and patterns.

We are not talking about restructures. Organisations are ecosystems – ‘complex networks of roles, relations and rules of engagement’. Orgonomics helps you discover, design, disrupt and develop your organisational systems and networks at multiple levels to be fit for now – and for ongoing sustainable growth.

Doing this work with us you achieve transformative results, but there is a secondary benefit too. You emerge with a new systemic framework and set of practices that builds agility into your DNA, so you can continue to function as a healthy learning ecosystem at your ‘growing edge’.

I recommend Joan unequivocally if you have a complex problem. We had tried structural and other change in our business, but it was only when we used Orgonomics that we started to drive the fundamental change we needed. This change moved us into organic growth for the first time in 17 years and unlocked the cultural impediments holding us back.